How to fall out of a skydiving harness/rig

Created for a new skydiver facebook group at Skydive Dallas. The original question was around what makes a rig "freefly friendly", and one of the points was the need for the bungee/tie that ties the leg straps together.

The reason for the tie is demonstrated in this video. Without it, you fall out of your harness without loosening any straps. Having it may help reduce that risk significantly.

Situation- In a sit, your leg straps can ride up near your knees. This creates a hole you can fall through if there is an upward force on your rig. This type of force could be caused by a premature deployment at an inopportune time.

In the video the rig is put on just as I would to jump it. All straps were "jump tight". The issue isn't how tight the rig is, it is the hole created when your leg straps ride up.

The bungee or pull up cord that ties the leg straps together help prevent them from being able to separate and work up to the knees.

The super scary video of grandma almost falling out of her harness was caused by a similar issue. The way she squatted and pushed down and back in the door allowed her to fall through the same hole. Tandem harnesses are supposed to have a modification that keeps this from happening in that situation.

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